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Islamic securities — a uniquely flexible instrument

Islamic securities were first included into Kyrgyz legislation about 15 years ago, but their implementation at that time kind of fell by the wayside.

$64 million EDB share purchase: a strange deal with good profit potential

Kyrgyzstan is helping to rescue a bank that finances major projects in Russia and Kazakhstan from sanctions. It can also make money from it.

Licensed crypto businesses begin to appear en masse in Kyrgyzstan

There is a licensed crypto-boom in Kyrgyzstan. More than 10 licenses have been issued in less than six months of the rules being in force.

Keremet Bank: Can’t Sell It

The criminal case on investing state funds in Keremet Bank shows how harmful it is to put political interests above budgetary ones.

Russian brokers are disconnected from world markets. What are the alternatives?

Anti-Russian sanctions for the military operation in Ukraine have effectively destroyed the international segment of the Russian brokerage business.

The fight against circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions reaches a new level

The United States and its allies have signalled that they will actively pursue anyone who helps circumvent sanctions and export-import restr

Unique profits in the banking sector

2022 brought our banks a unique amount of profit in the history of independent Kyrgyzstan. The geopolitical upheaval that has been unfolding in Europe since February of last year has inevitably impacted the financial

“Kyrgyzstanis will have the opportunity to buy securities through a mobile application”

Interview with the President of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, Medetbek Nazaraliev

“Companies are psychologically unprepared for openness.”

Interview with the Director of the Financial Company "Senti," Meerim Askarbekova.

Outdated legislation prevents attracting investments

Kyrgyzstan, quite unjustifiably, still categorizes several reputable financial centers as "high-risk countries," limiting potential investments into the nation.

Will Kyrgyzstan finally enter the international capital markets?

The government is planning to launch a program that will enable our issuers to access the international capital markets.

Virtual timber export ban

Kyrgyzstan is consistently closing loopholes that circumvent anti-Russian sanctions, this time by banning the export of timber, which was hardly ever exported in the first place.

We really need exchange trading in currency instruments!

The first exchange to initiate trading in derivatives for foreign currencies is set to capture a market with immense potential.

Sanctions pressure on Russia: risks for the financial sector of Kyrgyzstan

The introduction of severe sanctions against the Russian financial sector has inevitably impacted our country's financial sector.

Mutual admission of securities to the exchanges of the EAEU countries: dominance not integration

The recent approval of the draft Agreement on cross-border admission of securities to stock exchanges in EAEU countries leaves an unfavourable impression.

Reviving Kyrgyzstan’s Stock Market: Presidential Decree No. 376

We examine the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 376, which focuses on measures for the further development of the stock market and exchange activities.

Five steps to an economy based on the principles of Manas

It may seem incredible to some, but Manas is not just a literary work. It holds much deeper truths that can help one survive in difficult times.


Since the beginning of 2020, not only our country but the entire world has felt its vulnerability against a tiny virus. This virus has revealed all our existing vulnerabilities, an

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