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Five steps to an economy based on the principles of Manas


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It may seem incredible to some, but Manas is not just a literary work. It holds much deeper truths that can help one survive in difficult times.

What has often been regarded as an allegory is, in fact, an encrypted program text. This text contains fundamental guidelines for societal life at any point in time — including economic life.

In contemporary terms, the main message of Manas concerning the organization of a society’s economic life is a smart and environmentally friendly economy.

It is important to clarify from the outset what we mean by «economy». Not merely the figures of industry, trade, and services. Not GDP statistics. Not plants and factories in isolation. In a state where the economy exists for the benefit of the people, it signifies the well-being of the people and nothing more.

Political structure based on the principles of Manas

We commence this text with a political principle, as it is a cornerstone in ensuring the well-being of the people.

We have observed that the current political structure, established in the early 1990s following the model of democratic countries, evidently cannot ensure the well-being of the people.

In Kyrgyzstan, Western democratic institutions exist only in form. In reality, they serve as a cover for corruption. Efforts to develop a political system based on Western democratic institutions will inevitably lead to dictatorship under our circumstances. This contradicts the historical core and the free spirit of the Kyrgyz people.

The Kyrgyz people possess a guideline on how to construct public administration without copying foreign systems. This is the system of democracy — Kurultai. Kurultai does not operate on the principle of «Choose me because I am better,» but rather on the principle of delegation of authority — trust. When local communities nominate individuals who primarily possess knowledge, experience, decision-making ability, and trust, the responsibility of the person entrusted with this mission increases. 

It is important to note that not just anyone will be sent to compete. The initial step involves groups of ten. Foremen, elected from their own ranks based on the same principles, choose a centurion. Then, centurions elect the head of a thousand. The leaders of thousands elect Uluu Zhiyin — the Supreme Council. Each person vouches for another, and the principle of lustration is applied in practice. Uluu Zhiyin regards the Cabinet of Ministers and even the President as electors.

Thus, the political foundation of a truly people-centric state is the decentralization of power and the construction of power from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.

We use the term Kurultai not in the fictitious version that was incorporated into the new «constitution» for the ultimate usurpation of power, but in its original, authentic form.

So, the first step is to reject any dictatorship and usurpation of power. A consistent path towards a structure in which dictatorship is impossible — based on the principles established by our ancestors. Decentralization and power from the bottom up, not from the top down.

To be a haven of freedom for the entire world

We were taught that Western democracies are models of freedom. Recent history has shown that, if this was once close to the truth, today it is not:

- Media censorship and tech corporation control instead of freedom of speech. Imposing behavioural standards under the guise of tolerance.
— Absurd bureaucratic regulation of business rather than fostering entrepreneurial freedom.
— Systematically destroying small and medium-sized businesses in favour of large corporations.

- Intimidating the population, total electronic and police surveillance, and the swift transformation into police states.
— Extracting ever-increasing taxes to finance bloated state budgets orchestrated by politicians.
— Monopolization of the financial sector by banks, depriving people of the freedom to manage their money. The sanctity of private property is a thing of the past.

Due to these factors, there is a strong desire among enterprising individuals worldwide to work and earn money in countries where freedom remains. Particularly, given that the world has become global and business is highly mobile.

We plead for grants, we accumulate debt, taking out loans, but if our state becomes a paradise for business, it will address all our financial needs for years to come. Dubai and Singapore, for example, developed in this manner.

Currently, Kyrgyzstan is a nightmare for businesses. The abuse of power has peaked in the country’s thirty-year history. Property is being seized from both domestic and foreign investors, and courts are accomplices of raiders rather than servants of the law.

We can and must change this.

The principles of Manas align seamlessly with the system of freedom of choice. Nomadic culture has always embraced the principles of free trade.

Second step: Create such favourable conditions for business in our country that foreign capital and entrepreneurs prefer to work here rather than elsewhere.

Pristine nature, water, and air

Regardless of how we develop our economy, we must remember that our most valuable asset is our beautiful nature — pristine nature, water, and air.

Many countries have achieved industrial dominance, but their environments are polluted, with no quiet places to relax, and smoke and noise are omnipresent.

Our task is to preserve the purity of nature. No amount of gold will help if the air is unbreathable. If fields wither due to a lack of water. We can purchase electricity, but we cannot buy water and air. Our clean air is a resource for the future, and water is a strategic resource in a region where it is always scarce.

Nature, in the concept of nomads, is not merely picturesque landscapes. The earth we walk on and the air we breathe represent our CONSCIOUSNESS. After all, if you hold your breath, you lose consciousness, right? Everything that surrounds us is our consciousness, and we must keep it clean. Human consciousness has limits, and they are clearly outlined in Manas — Between Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, Manas is a doctrine about the structure of the universe, the nature of the mind, the laws of nature, and the infinity of the Galaxy. Semetey is the science of developing information transmission channels and society, Seitek is advanced technology, and Shaidot is the science of teleportation and telekinesis. Many years ago, rulers maliciously erased our memory over generations. Now, we have a chance to reclaim this hidden knowledge and change our lives.

Third step: To preserve the purity of our nature with all possible efforts. First and foremost, we must not spoil it ourselves. We do not own this land; it is entrusted to us to preserve it for future generations.

Knowledge as a gateway to the global world

The education system requires a radical overhaul. What matters most is what we teach our children.

To provide our children with the freedom to choose any of the newest and most in-demand professions, we must invest maximum effort into learning. Foreign languages, programming skills, knowledge of current realities in other countries, and understanding future professions are all essential.

With the transition from a corrupt-dictatorial to a people-centric governance model (step 1), budget spending and, consequently, the need for taxes will decrease significantly. Instead of excessive taxation, investors can be required to finance educational programs using the most advanced methods. We should also invite investors who will not only employ local workers but bring knowledge and training.

By transforming Kyrgyzstan into a haven of freedom for business, capital, and professional labor (step 2), the number of quality businesses entering the country will increase, bringing technology and knowledge.

One of Manas» commandments states: Through diligent, tireless work and knowledge, one can achieve well-being and prosperity.

Fourth step: To encourage, by any means possible, the education of our citizens in advanced knowledge that is in demand worldwide.


Strengthening and protecting Kyrgyz statehood is one of Manas» postulates. We must maintain unity and fortify not only our borders but also the resources upon which the country’s security depends.

Kyrgyzstan must guarantee sufficient electricity for its development once and for all.

Around the world, new technologies for generating and storing electricity are advancing rapidly. We must adopt these technologies now (for example, creating entire villages powered by solar energy), despite the high costs.

Ensuring business freedom (step 2) and, as a result, attracting investments will enable us to provide people with affordable energy, if necessary, purchasing it from abroad.

Simultaneously, any industrial investor must financially secure their own energy consumption at market price. This will allow us to purchase energy from abroad when needed, funded by business consumers.

Fifth step: Electricity, in our century, is the basic level of comfort for life and the primary condition for any business. Providing it to people should be a development priority.



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